Brandon Staley: Doctors cleared Joey Bosa, I kept him out because of his concussion history

Chargers pass rusher Joey Bosa was ruled out of Sunday’s game after getting checked for a concussion, but it wasn’t the doctors who ruled Bosa out.

Coach Brandon Staley said he made the decision not to put Bosa back in the game, not because he wasn’t cleared but because he had two concussions last season and Staley didn’t want to take any chances.

“Joey Bosa was cleared of a concussion, but it was our decision to hold him back,” Staley said. “With his history, we just wanted to make sure. As long as I’m the head coach here, we’re going to be making decisions like that in the best interest of our players. He was cleared of a concussion, so that’s good news.”

Bosa, the Chargers’ best pass rusher, played just nine snaps on Sunday, but Staley kept him safe both for this season, and for the long term.