Pete Carroll: Nothing more thrilling than a goal-line stand

The 49ers had to go 98 yards to score a game-tying touchdown at the end of Sunday’s game against the Seahawks and they got most of those yards against a Seattle defense that looked exhausted after shutting out their opponents throughout the second half.

There was still a little gas left in the tank, though. After getting to the Seahawks’ seven-yard-line with 38 seconds left to play, the 49ers ran four plays and the Seahawks kept them out of the end zone on all of them. The final two plays saw cornerback Sidney Jones and defensive end Carlos Dunlap breaking up passes that allowed Seattle to escape with a 30-23 win and left head coach Pete Carroll raving about the excitement at the end of the game.

“It was great, man,” Carroll said, via the team’s website. “Really when you play this game there is nothing more thrilling than those opportunities to end the game. We’ve had a couple — I remember New England [last year] — we’ve had a bunch over the years, but there is nothing more thrilling than that because everything, every fiber of your body is cranking. Those guys out there will never forget those four plays, and to come through in that way, a couple runs and then an incomplete, and then the ball gets knocked down on fourth down. It was a sensational moment. For our fans, too, they deserve it so much. I’m so glad they got to have the fun of seeing that happen.”

Fun has been in short supply for the 4-8 Seahawks, but their defense ensured there will be at least a few smiles around the team this week.